15 stories of change for better communities: #ImpactJournalismDay

Motivated by Spark News, 50 leading newspapers from around the world published on june 24 stories of change dedicated to concrete and inspiring solutions to global issues on subjects like education, energy, health care, agriculture, water, technology, and urbanism.

  1. Share Stories of Change - Impact Journalism Day
  2. Beyond the normal daily flow of current stories that are often negative and instantaneous, the stories featured in Impact Journalism Day are precise and clearly framed reports on solutions to problems that threaten society. We compiled for you 15 amazing stories of people implementing solutions to improve the well-being and welfare of communities around the world.
  3. 1. Impact Carbon brings safe water to children in Schools.
  4. Every year children lose 272 million school days due to diarrhea, a leading cause of mortality and morbidity that is commonly water-related.
  5. 2. Favela Organica works hard to fight food waste in favelas in Brazil.
  6. Regina Tchelly, 33, is a leader of a new movement to bring organic food to the slums of Rio de Janeiro.
  7. 3. Solarpak help children to learn their lessons despite electricity shortages.
  8. Evariste Akoumian from Côte d'Ivoire is the man behind these solar backpacks and the creator of the Solarpak.
  9. 4. A place to call home: A solution to the problem of global homelessness in India.
  10. 5. Yacouba Sawadogo fights desertification using farming skills in Burkina Faso
  11. According to the ONEDD, Burkina Faso’s National Observatory for the Environment and Sustainable Development, in June 2013, 74.1 percent of the country’s total land surface of 273,828 square km was undergoing desertification, land deterioration and drought.
  12. 6. The tattoo artist Evguenia Zakhar, 33, works on the scars of women who have been abused, turning them, for free, into art in Russia
  13. 7. Eco-cooler, a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and simple to make air-conditioner made out of repurposed plastic bottles or cold drink cans in Bangladesh
  14. 8. The non-profit organization New Vision offers free small-incision cataract surgery to farmers in Indonesia where half of all blindness is caused by cataracts.
  15. 9. Beekeeping to create jobs in Algeria
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