1. Since 2009, the Start@Europe seminar has brought together all the Master 1 students of the different 5 school campuses.
  2. The aim of the Start@Europe seminar is for the students to meet in a resolutely European environment for the first and only time during their studies. A full-scale negotiation is offered to you within the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The simulation is based on a legislative proposal basis. The aim is to understand the European decision-making process, the challenges and the intercultural and interpersonal dimensions. During this seminar, students of ESCP Europe will work with ENA and University Paris 1 Sorbonne students.
  3. DAY 1 : EUROPEAN FORUM OF FINANCE - "Financial regulation and growth in Europe"
  4. Entrance of the various groups in European Parliament
  5. Reception by Ms Nathalie Loiseau, Director Of ENA and Frank Bournois, Dean of ESCP Europe
  6. Opening of the European Forum of Finance under the presidency of Rainer Wieland, Vice-President of the European Parliament
  7. -
  8. Introductory Conference "Financial regulation and growth in Europe" with Michel Barnier, Councilor of State, former Memebr of European Commission, former Member of the European Parliament, former Minister.
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