Conference: What is the Next Supply Chain for Fashion?

Organised by Lectra – ESCP Europe Fashion & Technology Chair

  1. Part 1: Special guest speech from Marshall L Fisher, UPS Professor of Operations & Supply Chain,
    Wharton School of Management, University of Pennsylvania
  2. Part 2: Roundtable to debate key topics on the fashion supply chain, its evolutions and the roleof innovation and technology with the following panelists:
  3. Flavie Antonetti, Director of International Logistics Flows, SMCP
    Alain Doudard, Supply Chain Director, LVMH
    Daniel Harari, CEO, Lectra
    Edwin Keh, CEO, Hong KongResearchInstitute for Apparel and Textiles
  4. Moderator: Valérie Moatti - Co-Academic director of Lectra-ESCP Europe Chair
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