What can pregnant women actually do?

Win tennis championships, make an action film and frankly, pretty much anything else people do every day!

  1. First there was a tweet:
  2. Then I thought I was stating the obvious, but 7,400 twitter views in 2 days suggests it's not so obvious?
  3. Then something awesome from a female orthopedic surgeon:
  4. Then another thing I thought was stating the obvious [went around the Twitter block 1,400 times in 2 days as well]:
  5. So I know that naming things, even if they're obvious, is critical, especially when we look at these two tweets:
  6. And these common demonstrations of male supremacy:
  7. Which all leaves us with a number of conclusions, but one of them is that even if it feels like we're stating the obvious, we need to say it, until women make a $1.00 dollar and are treated as actual equals. And of course, by extension, we're also talking about other socially/politically/economically marginalized groups.
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