#Acwri Twitter chat, 28th November 2013 - writing grant applications

This week we discussed writing grant applications - what makes them different from other kinds of #acwri, the key challenges, and how to get them right ...

  1. This was a topic on which a number of people were looking for ideas on best practice, templates, or key things to bear in mind when writing grant applications:
  2. We discussed what made grant applications (and the process of writing them) different from other styles of writing / writing outputs:
  3. And tips on accessing support for grant writing and seeing examples of previously funded grant applications:
  4. A key focus of our discussion was what makes a good grant application.  Demonstrating impact was important:
  5. But at the heart of a good grant application is a sound set of aims, and, appropriate good methods, although the exact emphasis might differ by discipline and / or funder:
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