#Acwri Twitter chat, 27th March 2014: making time for writing

This week's #Acwri chat was all about making time for writing, focusing on the strategies people use.

  1. A key theme which ran through the discussion was the importance of identifying specific time periods for writing (a day, a morning, the start of the day), and of having a plan:
  2. Achieving blocks such as whole days or longer periods (such as retreats) was identified as one way of achieving writing goals:
  3. But we also discussed the value and importance of writing regularly, and using small amounts of time:
  4. Another theme was the importance of deadlines, though these might work differently depending on you writing style.  It was pointed out that setting deadlines could help you review progress and achievements and help identify the ways in which you write:
  5. And I liked the idea of a personal publications plan:
  6. Other themes included: avoiding looking at emails and other distractions;
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