#Acwri open house, 5th September 2013

Our first #Acwri Twitter chat after a summer break was an open house, and we spent the hour talking about the key writing processes, tasks, challenges and tips which people wanted to share. Here's a summary ...

  1. Tonight's #acwri was pretty fast paced, and we covered  a range of topics.  One was a common theme we've returned to on many occasions - how to find time to write when there are so many other time demands:
  2. But also how to keep writing:
  3. And of balancing multiple writing tasks, which could sometimes be a creative, if stressful, experience:
  4. Getting going again after not having written was another interesting topic:
  5. And I thought this was a great idea on how to deal with it:
  6. And another old favourite - the challenges, and value of writing and revising:
  7. We also talked quite a lot about blogging - its potential value, but the importance of it not taking energy and time away from other kinds of writing:
  8. Some of us described how we used publications plans - either as individuals or as part of projects:
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