Do You Believe in Dog? [01-15 September 2014]

Collection of interesting snippets relating to canine science from 01-15 September 2014 Collated by Mia Cobb, Do You Believe in Dog?

  1. -
  2. New research that caught our attention:
  3. PhD opportunity with the Anthrozoology Research Group (Australia) to research the cognition of scent detection dogs:
  4. Internships open at Wolf Park (USA)
  5. -
  6. Interview with James Serpell, PhD (#SPARCS2014: Aggression and Conflict)
  7. Dogs: Their Secret Lives. Episode 3 - Full Episode - "Compulsive Behaviours, Chronic Fears and Unusual Behaviour" with Mark Evans. Explore some of the challenges facing the 21st-century dog:
  8. Dogs Their Secret Lives | Season 1 Episode 3 | Full Episode
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