#ePatient story

L'evoluzione della "salute digitale" raccontata dai protagonisti attraverso i social network.

  1. TEDxMaastricht - Dave deBronkart - aka e-Patient Dave: "Let patients help!"
  2. Gimme My Damn Data by e-patient Dave deBronkart
  3. Wellsphere Blogger Tiffany Peterson at ePatient 2011
  4. ePatient Conference 2011: The ePatient Bill of Rights
  5. HealthCentral Diabetes Blogger, Ann Bartlett at ePatient 2011
  6. Most Effective Technology Tools for Today's Empowered ePatient
  7. Britt J. Moody - Stanford Medicine X ePatient: On Blogging and Participatory Medicine
  8. Hugo Campos - Stanford Medicine X ePatient: On ICDs and Access to Patient Device Data
  9. Are patient advocacy organisations fully embracing the potential of digital tools? E-patient Donna Cryer...
  10. Great story about the trials of an e-patient with severe allergy and a positive attitude :) "It was ...
  11. The goal of #mhealth should be the attention and engagement of the #epatient  
  12. ePatient 2015 - A New Book On Trends That Define The Connected Patient Of The Future ow.ly/jpTbV...
  13. A New Point of View on Customer Engagement ow.ly/lhA1a #epatient
  14. Future of Healthcare: Healing Machine: Patient Room 2020 t.co/LDk95p7wwF #epatient
  15. ePatient Dave -- Transform 2011 -- I Like Doctors
  16. Il British Medical Journal pubblica la mappatura di come gli epatient usano i social network http:/...
  17. +e-Patient Dave deBronkart unearths a great example of how not letting patients help can shorten your...
  18. Patient Story: Why I Started Crohnology
  19. Timely definition4 #HealthITweek#BlueButton #s4pm the E-patienthttp://buff.ly/197JX5O
  20. Crohnology // Health Innovation Summit
  21. ePatient Dave at the 2013 Consumer Health IT Summit
  22. First Look - Stanford Medicine X Sarah Kucharski ePatient Ignite
  23. Interview with 2013 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Joseph Riffe
  24. Interview w/ 2013 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Adviser Britt Johnson
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