Bringing the lived experience of poverty to Westminster

APPG on poverty and the Webb Memorial Trust asked people in poverty what they need from policymakers, and brought them to life with powerful graphic design.

  1. The first of three graphics from people in poverty on what they need to build a good society.
  2. This event at Portcullis House felt different from the start. It started with a great piece of audience participation, asking everyone at the event: "What changes are needed?"
  3. Possibly to emphasise the need for flexible working and affordable childcare @ruthpatrick0 brought her daughter to the lecturn.
  4. The most powerful part of the event were the stories from people in poverty. So much of the problem comes down to how poor people are treated.
  5. And they were perceptive too, when asked about Basic income, they wanted to know what it would cost, and what they would lose if it were introduced.
  6. I asked the panel how they would like to influence government, their answers were really straightforward and sensible.
  7. Policy makers should follow see through the impact of their policies, from policy into practice (!) to ensure they are delivering on the policy intent, and avoiding unintended consequences.
  8. I was one of a handful of speakers asked to say a few words, I talked briefly about why I got into policy.
  9. And the final word should go to those people with lived experience of poverty.

  10. You can read more about the campaign, and download each of the posters that were created by visiting .
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