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Thirty young people learnt and practiced constitutional law, debated about constitutionalism and learnt how the crisis affects rule of law. We collected their feedback and invite you to have a look!

  1. Thirty young professionals from nine regions of Ukraine attended our school on constitutionalism. After more than 20 lectures, debates and work on practical cases, supported by leading lawyers from Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania, Turkey, and Moldova,participants deepened their knowledge in constitutional law and the history of the European constitutionalism. A special focus was the mechanism of constitutional complaint in comparative perspective and the constitutional process and the rule of law in times of crisis or emergencies. The Venice Commission of the Council of Europe was DRI’s cooperation partner for the school.
  2. Debates and team work happened during the day and during the night.
  3. Tillmann Schneider is an independent consultant for rule of law reform and human rights in Berlin. He explains why constitutional complaint is working in Germany, arguing that it takes time to build solid and trustful institutions.
  4. Tillmann Schneider: constitutional complaint in Germany and lessons learned for Ukraine
  5. Feedback from participants
  6. Olena Lysenko is an Associate Professor in the department of comparative and European law at the Institute of International Relations of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. In the video she talks about human rights and rule of law. ( Ukrainian)
  7. Олена Лисенко: права людини і верховенство права
  8. Feedback from participants
  9. Maxim Timofeev is an Associate Professor at the European Humanities University in Vilnius with an expertise in comparative constitutional law, human rights law and international public Law. In the video he explains how the constitutions are affected by crisis.
  10. Maxim Timofeev: challenges to constitution-making process in time of crisis
  11. Feedback from participants
  12. Video-feedback from participants
  13. Feedback from participants
  14. Coverage of the school from Studway, DRI media partner
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