The One Where I Came Out On Twitter

What started as ace advocacy turned out to be more than I expected or wanted to admit.

  1. I was so nervous tweeting these that I tweeted out of the chain, so here is the full story, as I intended, of me coming out as demisexual.
  2. I had to admit my own biases despite myself.
  3. And the result of the 4 quizzes on Asexuality and the 1 I took on Demisexuality:
  4. I was on the verge of having a panic attack...
  5. And my "in conclusion" revelation...
  6. And finally, the AA Meeting introduction.
  7. I also need to thank others who jumped up to eHug me.
  8. I also told my older sister, who is always hinting to me about cute guys, and she said, "Oh, OK, I can see that. How do you feel about it?"
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