Rêves de Gosse 2016

Le baptême de l'air des enfants extraordinaires pour #RevesDeGosse

  1. [EN] “The echo of clouds” is the daily written adventure of Child Dreams (Rêves de Gosse) during the 2016 tour in France: revesdegosse.fr/. Therefore, the Facebook diary is only done in French by the French contributors involved in this wonderful experience and working at Dassault Systèmes because, since four years, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company is participating in this program as a partner. As well the diary, the tweets bellow are also written in French. But pictures are universal to understand the joy of children!
  2. Tout sur l'association Rêves de Gosse : revesdegosse.fr/
    Et aussi "L'écho des nuages" rédigé par les 4 Chevaliers du Ciel de Dassault Systèmes :  https://business.facebook.com/notes/dassault-syst%C3%A8mes/l%C3%A9cho-des-nuages-le-tour-2016/1178733915516302 
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