Scope News - July 6

Hosts Jacqueline Tucci and Oriena Vuong bring you the latest interviews about a new Google initiative, accessibility and a potential Canadian Caribbean sci-fi film. They also bring you closer to home with a feature about Rye's Home Grown and news about the Pan Am Games.

  1. Google reveals new initiative to prevent revenge porn
  2. It can be a humiliating- and horrifying- experience: sharing sexually explicit photos with a partner only to find those photos, and information that can identify you, posted online for the world to see after you break up.
  3. There are several websites that host “revenge porn”, but now Google is going to make it harder to find them. Amit Singhal, senior vice president of Google Search, has announced new measures to remove revenge porn from search results. Victims can fill out an online form to report images, and Google will honour all removal requests.
  4. Google has been reluctant to censor search results in the past because it maintains that a Google search should reflect the whole internet, and there have been concerns that starting to censor search results can limit freedom of expression or allow people to take down others’ content. But there are many who disagree, saying that Google is protecting people’s privacy in ways that the law often doesn’t.
  5. We spoke with internet at privacy lawyer Gil Zvulony and Director of Ryerson’s Privacy and Cyber Crime Institute Avner Levin for their take on the new rules.
  6. Accessibility in Toronto
  7. On today's show, Casey Mackay explored some of Toronto’s biggest attractions to see how accessible they are for guests with disabilities. Mackay’s segment is part of a documentary he did about families affected by Disneyland’s fast pass policy. You can hear more about it here.
  8. Goliath Line, Great America, July 2014
    Goliath Line, Great America, July 2014
  9. Brown Girl in the Ring - the Prequel
  10. Reporter Emily Joveski spoke to director Sharon Lewis about a new film she wants to create called Brown Girl in the Ring - The Prequel. The film is currently being funded on indiegogo with the hopes of making the first Caribbean Canadian sci-fi film come to life. Listen to the interview below.
  11. Crowdfunding has been a popular tool in project funding during the last few years. It has been used by many people including celebrities and entrepreneurs. Most notably, it was used to fund the Veronica Mars movie, making it the first studio film to be backed financially that way.
  12. If Brown Girl in the Ring - The Prequel reaches their crowdfunding goal, they will receive a grant from the arts councils of Toronto, Canada and Ontario. The Canadian Film council has helped fund diverse feature length and short films in the past like Rhymes For Young Ghouls and Frost.
  13. Why “Agritecture” could be the future
  14. A recent Toronto Star article claims that growing vegetables on rooftops is the future of Toronto architecture, and cites Rye’s Homegrown as an example. Kaylem Boileau, Communications Coordinator for Rye’s Homegrown, joined us to talk about why urban greenscaping is on the rise.
  15. The City of Toronto encourages rooftop gardening, and even requires new buildings over six stories tall and with more than 2,000 square metres of floor space to have at least 20% green roof, growing to 80% coverage after 3 years. But that can actually hinder agriculture, because the roof will be left bare for a time after the crops are harvested, which breaks the bylaw.
  16. Rye’s Homegrown has found some interesting solutions to meet the green requirement for the rooftop garden at the George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre. Between harvesting crops and new ones growing in, they put down green manure made from unused parts of plants.
  17. Pan Am Games
  18. The Pan Am Games start this Friday here in Toronto. About 6,000 athletes will compete in the games, which runs until the 26th. For a schedule of all the sports, click here. Besides all the athletics, arts and culture will play a role in making up the celebrations. Panamania will feature music, visual art, theatre, dance and comedy. Although some events are ticketed, there are a series of free concerts that will feature many Canadian artists like Kiesza. Kiesza will be performing on the 18th. Watch her video for the song Stronger below, which closed our show.
  19. Kiesza - Stronger (From Finding Neverland The Album)
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