Twitter Scavenger Hunt

The JRMC 2202 class with Prof. Kim Fox in AUC had us running around campus in the aim of completing one task... the ever so famous Twitter Scavenger Hunt.

  1. We were asked to complete 10 tasks to post on twitter; ranging from finding a professor on the go and asking them about social media, to finding a scenic view on campus and taking a picture of it! The heat, the rush and the distance were all obstacles that didn't stop us!
  2. Prior to the Hunt, getting pumped...
  3. Casually using my JCIMUN delegates to my advantage.
  4. The vine posted on behalf of my awesome partner, Christina. Tick-tock, the Hunt is near.
  5. HERE WE GO! First tweet: Ask a student where they get their news from. ✓
  6. Finding a professor on the street and asking about their opinion on the role of social media during the Arab Spring. Check ✓.
  7. School spirit? I think so!
  8. Finding a students favourite eating spot in AUC. Mmm... Auntie Anne's, couldn't agree more.
  9. Things people may not have known about AUC.
  10. Work it, Ahmed.
  11. Academic excellence, something we all hope to achieve.
  12. Extra-curricular extravaganza. Quick Fact: AIESEC is the biggest student organisation in the world, with AIESEC Egypt ranking in the top 5 world-wide.
  13. My partner, Christina, calling her friends over to meet at her favourite spot on campus; the four palms.
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