2015 GOP Presidential Debates: Foreign Policy

Varied views on foreign policy

  1. The 2015 GOP debaters discussed foreign policy last night, with a number of them seeming to neglect recent and past US involvement on the world stage:
  2. Stephen Sestanovich, "American Foreign Policy in Historical Perspective"
  3. Tweeters weighed in on candidate's knowledge (or lack thereof) of Syria, Iraq, North Korea, and Russia. Others discussed the Mexican border:
  4. -
  5. -
  6. -
  7. “This is the real debate we have to have in the Middle East.”
  8. Poll: Over 80 Percent of Syrians Believe US Created ISIS
  9. Some thought Rubio and Paul were stronger than others:
  10. Some expressed their disdain for foreign policy more directly:
  11. Should the West learn from #Russia's strategy in #Syria?
  12. Still others noted that the discussion on marijuana legislation wasn't relevant to the situation:
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