1. If you missed the DCoE Twitter chat you can still find the conversation on Twitter (search #PTSDorStress) or check out the summary below.
  2. Military Experts Use Twitter

    to Answer Questions About PTSD

  3. The chat featured Navy Capt. (Dr.) Carrie Kennedy, Deployment Health Clinical Center (DHCC) director, and Dr. David Bradshaw, National Center for Telehealth and Technology (T2) AfterDeployment program director. Kennedy and Bradshaw are both clinical psychologists with military medical experience.
  4. Kennedy started the conversation with a definition of PTSD and the differences between it and routine stress:

  5. Managing Stress

  6. Most people can manage day-to-day stress with simple lifestyle changes. For example, routine exercise, healthy eating habits, getting enough sleep, and limiting caffeine and alcohol can help keep stress levels low.
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