City of Edinburgh Council Digital Commonwealth project

A showcase of the work created as part of the Digital Commonwealth project in Edinburgh.

  1. Craigour Park primary school took part in the City of Edinburgh Council based Digital Commonwealth project, working with Room 8 (who created a project blog for the work).
  2. Digital Commonwealth workshop Edinburgh
    Digital Commonwealth workshop Edinburgh
  3. The school blog hosted content which was created, with pupils creating content about 'place' as a theme.
  4. The pupils used ipads to explore the themes of the project and worked in small teams to help bring ideas to life.
  5. Everyone explored ideas for explaining what their favourite place is, using video, writing, and photography. Read the blog (above) to find out how the pupils wrote about their favourite school places and watch one of the videos below.
  6. What do you know about Barbados? Here is a lovely poetry tribute to this Commonwealth country
  7. Since the Digital Commonwealth workshops the school continues to use digital media for school work, you can see more of this on their website.
  8. Thanks to the Digital Learning team at edinburgh City Council for helping us work with Craigour! Follow them to see more on how Edinburgh City are working with digital storytelling and creative tools in school across the City.
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