Natural Health Spa & Wellness

The concept of building a Health Spa & Wellness in our hotel was based on our wish to offer a product mainly aiming at rejuvenation, relaxation and recreation rather than treatment!

  1. The art of the best hydro massage, for complete relaxation.

    Pamper yourself in a luxurious outdoor heated pool and a Turkish bath.

  2. After a stressful routine, all of us deserve small bits of luxury on our holiday. Therefore, the team of Delfino Blu has created a wellness and relaxation center right on the beach.

  3. Here, you can enjoy unforgettable moments with your partner, friends or family. Delfino Blu guarantees you'll live a unique experience to remember! 

  4. The clay is well-known for its absorbent and antioxidant properties due to the possibility of ion exchange with the body. Thus, absorbs sebum, removes stains and dirt from the skin, while greatly enhances the regeneration of cells and acts against aging. What's more, when applied to the body, it helps to effectively combat cellulite.

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