1. March 25, 2017 saw the first ever Family Pyrate Day in Old Algiers Point!
  2. Confetti Kids, Confetti Park, and good neighbors of Algiers teamed up with the NOLA Pyrates to bring pirate merchants, storytellers, musicians and historians to our fair Mississippi River vantage point, to thrill over pirate culture. New Orleans has plenty!
  3. We chose the date of March 25 to converge with Treasures from the Point, a neighborhood wide porch sale. Get it? Treasures? Pirates? PERFECT! The NOLA Pyrates, led by Captain John Swallow and Quarter Master Seika Hellbound, always travel to our fair port in spring... and the timing was perfect. Below is the QM, Captain John, and pirate Irish.
  4. Katy Ray, host of Confetti Park, has met many wonderful authors through the radio show and podcast, and so we were lucky to have such talented storytellers and writers be a part of the day! There are a lot of pirate enthusiasts out there.
  5. In addition to our merchants and storytellers, Confetti Kids and Hubbell Library co-hosted a neighborhood-wide treasure hunt.
  6. There were also dramatic reinactments. Here is pirate historian Davy Vain doing pirate medical experiments on poor Katy.
  7. We had a wonderful caricaturist....
  8. And wonderful friends and neighbors came out to celebrate!
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