Business Opportunities in 3D Printing: Chat Recap

This week in #chat3d we had a very fruitful discussion about the business opportunities created by 3D printing and how we can advantage of them. We had the unique opportunity to chat directly with Diogo Quental, 3D evangelist, co-founder of BeeVeryCreative, GetReady43D, and currently serving as CEO of iGo3D.

  1. Read on to discover all the great insights, tips and ideas that we discussed!
  2. Diogo has managed companies, people and projects across the globe, so we kicked off asking where is the best place to be if want to start a 3D printing business.
  3. Location is important, but definitely not everything. Thus, we wanted to know which sector of the additive manufacturing industry will grow the quickest in the future.
  4. And if ant to lead a business in this rapidly-moving field, you need to be ready to face challenges....
  5. The government's role in helping 3D technology grow was also brought up.
  6. And we really wanted to hear Diogo's take on career opportunities in 3D printing.
  7. So is it still possible to start a business in your garage or it is all big players game?
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