1. #RhodesHasFallen but the debate about transformation at UCT is set to continue. John spoke to UCT’s Vice Chancellor Max Price to reflect on the road ahead for the institution:
  2. Our Lead SA Hero of the month is Kayli Vee Levitan, who along with her partner Max Pazak, came up with the Street Store – the world’s first rent-free, premises-free, pop-up store, providing clothes to the homeless.
  3. The psychology behind class clowns: we speak to Psychology Professor, Dr Susan Krauss Whitbourne
  4. Several media houses have applied to reveal Zephany Nurse’s real name when she turns 18 later this month. But the Centre for Child Law at the University of Pretoria is opposing this move. John spoke to attorney Carina Du Toit about Zephany’s right to privacy, which should trump the media’s right to information, in their opinion:
  5. Rape Crisis faced imminent closure in 2012 as funding dried up. All but one staff member was retrenched. But through sheer determination and a look at how it operated, they managed to turn their fortunes around. Kieno spoke to Rape Crisis director Kathleen Dey
  6. Do you pay your domestic worker a ‘fair’ wage? Do you even know what a fair wage is? A new tool created by open data company Code4SA can help you determine if you are paying your domestic worker enough, given the financial realities faced by your domestic worker’s household. Listen to find out more:
  7. Gaslighting: and the emotional manipulation behind it – we chat to writer Yashar Ali on his article on the matter
  8. Following on the news that a 15 year old girl was prevented from flying out and joining the self-styled Islamic State (IS)the Muslim Judicial Council has been meeting and will be education parents about the dangers of social media as a tool for recruiting impressionable youngsters.
  9. The horrific attack on Garissa University College in Kenya has sent shockwaves throughout the world. We often place Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram and ISIS in the same basket of ‘Islamic extremism’. But do they have the same goals, the same strategies? John spoke to Al-Shabaab expert Stig Hansen spoke to John about the groups’ aims:
  10. On the back of a call that came through on the Kieno Kammies Show from a listener deemed to have prejudice views, Africa asked the question: how should one deal with people who uphold different views than one’s self – especially on aspects such as race, religion, or politics.
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