1. If you haven't heard of the Wimpy Canal Walk waiter Vincent Nota, get the tissues ready! Vincent took it upon himself to help a disabled customer eat ice cream, after noticing him struggling to eat. Listen to his inspiring chat with John. He is definitely our hero of the week!
  2. Many of the remains of the South Africans who died in the building collapse in Nigeria were returned home last weekend – Kieno spoke to a survivor of the tragedy, but who also lost his wife in the event.
  3. The now infamous 'Mandela Ray Bans' definitely got Cape Town talking over the last few weeks. John spoke to Artist Michael Elion after his piece was defaced, Robyn Sassen, an Independent Art Critic and Hermann Niebuhr, who Michael Elion claims has threatened him on Facebook.
  4. Another public piece of art was launched this week on Signal Hill. It's called the SunStar, and it is partly manufactured from pieces of the fence that once stood around Robben Island prison.
    Artist Christopher Swift is a founder of the Robben Island Art Company and spoke to Pippa.
  5. Tired of all the overblown fears surrounding Ebola, a scientist has created a map to contextualise the areas affected by the deadly virus.
  6. Is South Africa ready for e-Voting? How feasible is this? Durban University of Technology ICT expert Colin Thakur was commissioned to do research on e-voting by the IEC in 2010. Listen to his interesting chat with John:
  7. In studies over four decades, Harvard psychology professor Ellen Langer showed that mental attitude can reverse the effects of aging. Can you think yourself to be younger? John spoke to Prof. Langer:
  8. Bouwer Bosch is a new generation of Afrikaans singers who believe that racism is wrong... He spoke to Kieno in light of the Steve Hofmeyr controversy.
  9. What does a pig sound like? Oink Oink, Boo Boo or Noff Noff? Well it depends whether you are English speaking, Japanese or Norwegian. The onomatopoeia we apply to animal sounds varies around the world. John spoke to Prof. Derek Abbott, who has done some research on this...
  10. By now, you've all seen the picture of the frog that Dirk Steenkamp found inside his Woolies salad bag. Pippa spoke to Dirk about the weird and slightly disconcerting find...
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