Edmonton Oilers reveal new mascot and it's freaking some people out

  1. The Edmonton Oilers are showing off their team's new mascot -- a giant Canadian Lynx named Hunter. But some online are fearful that Hunter may hunt them down in their sleep. The team released this photo of Hunter on social media:
  2. The team wrote an elaborate first-person backstory explaining how Hunter went from a wild animal, to watching kids play hockey, to hiding in a secret den under the newly-constructed stadium, just waiting for the team to notice his fan dedication.
  3. Some adults on Twitter said they found the Lynx pretty scary:
  4. Sports reporters from around North America shared their thoughts:
  5. Some said the fact that the new Mascot is a Lynx foreshadows the team's early visit to the Golf links after a failed season:
  6. And some said they liked the choice:
  7. The mascot's official Instagram account shows him playing around with a bunch of kids. The Oilers plan to have Hunter rep the team at hospitals, festivals, and schools.
  8. Hanging out with my friends at Saint Paul Elementary! 😺 #Oilers #OilCountry #Hunter
    Hanging out with my friends at Saint Paul Elementary! 😺 #Oilers #OilCountry #Hunter
  9. The Oilers say they had 2,200 students in Edmonton vote for the mascot, and Hunter was far and away the winner. The team worked with the local zoo to find animals that were native to the region, and produced this video of Hunter goofing around with some kids at a school:
  10. Meet Hunter the Oilers New Mascot
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