What you need to know about the 4th Annual Canada 2020 Conference

Didn't get a chance to join us in Ottawa or follow along with the livestream? Here's a quick wrap up of some of the great moments from this year's conference.

  1. The 4th Annual Canada 2020 Conference brought together academics, journalists, government representatives and entrepreneurs to participate in some exciting conversations about policy, government and Canada's future.
  2. Day one featured a big announcement from a few special guests. Ruma Bose, Michele Romanow and Sir Richard Branson announced the Canadian Entrepreneur Initiative, a fund supporting female entrepreneurs in Canada.
  3. Like any proper Brit, Branson thought a cup of tea would be the perfect addition to the morning.
  4. They shared some good advice for anyone looking to break into the business world:
  5. And ended their discussion in typical Branson style. First table dance for a policy conference in Ottawa?
  6. The first day of the conference carried on with great speakers, including a federal minister
  7. And a journalist and provincial leader.
  8. Day two opened with a passionate address from Rt. Hon. Brian Mulroney. In a speech on the state of Canada-US relations, the former prime minister decried protectionist policies and touted free trade. He said the NAFTA negotiations coming up in the fall are going to be a crucial challenge for the federal government.
  9. Leaders need to look to the future for the best of their county, instead of conforming to what's popular and following how the wind's blowing one day to the next, Mulroney said.
  10. The day continued with fantastic panels, including one on empowering women entrepreneurs. Emily Haines from Metric, Ladies Learning Code CEO Melissa Sariffodeen, Andrea Palmer from Awake Labs and Vivian Abdelmessih from TD Bank got real about the barriers to women in business.
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