Discovering Collections Discovering Communities (DCDC) 2015

Chris, Kirsty, and Jennie attended DCDC in Salford. A LOT was said on digital access and engagement, here's just a flavour of what we found out...

  1. The event kicked off with a great talk from Simon Chaplin, Director of Culture and Society at the always impressive Wellcome Trust.
  2. Wellcome began with a number of separate resources and have embraced an agile approach for providing access to digital content in all shapes and forms.
  3. Even with a huge amount of resource (comparatively to the rest of the sector) Simon was honest enough to admit to mistakes; including starting with the most complex digitisation projects rather than "low hanging fruit".
  4. Take a look at the History of Genetics timeline to see one example of how the Wellcome Library provides digital access...

  5. The event then split up into sessions covering a variety of topics.

  6. Dr Valerie Johnson, Interim Director of Research and Collections at TNA gave the next Keynote.

  7. Hull History Centre Archive trainee, Hannah Rice gives an excellent introduction to HullCraft...
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