Shoreditch Summer Reception: The Next Generation of Tech

The Parliamentary Internet, Communications and Technology Forum's Shoreditch Summer Reception 2017 - sponsored by BCS.

  1. Pictfor's first ever Shoreditch Summer Reception created a buzz.

  2. People were happy that we were engaging in Shoreditch - the heart of London's tech scene.

  3. The event kicked off and filled up quickly.

  4. The audience was excited to here from our expert speakers:

  5. Chair: Professor Tom Crick MBE CEng CSci FBCS, Vice-President of BCS

  6. Tom explained that the event was run by Pictfor - the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the tech sector - where industry members and Parliamentarians gather for 1-2 events each month to discuss issues central to the UK continuing to succeed as a leading digital economy.
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