ICAO Assembly in Montreal

The 191 member states of the UN’s aviation body, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), are meeting between 27.9.-7.10 at their Assembly in Montreal, Canada. Follow this Storify to get updates on the meeting from our colleagues on the ground, Kelsey and Aki.

  1. October 20: Work continues on the technical level

  2. Two weeks after the ICAO agreement on a market-based measure for aviation, now called the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), the public is in the process of assessing the deal.
  3. Meanwhile, Carbon Market Watch is back in Montreal to work on aspects that were not completely resolved with the Assembly Resolution.
  4. What is important to consider for solid carbon credits and an effective market? A few questions that we’ve weighed in on already:

    - The need for a negative list to ban activity types known for negative environmental or social impacts. See our briefing Aviation’s Credibility on Environmental Integrity:
  5. - The importance of social and environmental safeguards for projects so that activities undertaken in the name of fighting climate change deliver on protecting both people and the planet. See our briefing Social and Environmental Accountability of Climate Finance Instruments:
  6. - Supply of credits with high environmental integrity. Not all supply is good supply. Without removing the credits deemed non-additional or with adverse impacts aviation will not be compensating their continued growth.
  7. At the end of ICAO technical meetings this week, attentions will turn to COP22 where discussions on necessary adjustments and future preparations for eligible UNFCCC units under the CORSIA will be kicked off.

    Stay tuned for live updates from Marrakesh!

  8. Today, ICAO negotiators agreed on a deal to address international aviation emissions. Read our press statement here:
  9. Argentina, Venezuela, India and Russia expressed reservations on the final text, which drop expected coverage of the mechanism to around three quarters of emissions from 2021-2035.
  10. A.K.: "The fact that the already insufficient Carbon Neutral Goal (CNG) from 2020 levels will not be met underlines the need for further action"
  11. Watch also the BBC interview of our European policy director, Femke de Jong: "The carbon neutral growth target will not be reached"
  12. BBC interview with Femke de Jong on ICAO Market Based Measure
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