'Championing mental difference' CIPR mental health event, 10 May 2017

On Wednesday 10 May, the CIPR's Diversity and Inclusion Forum and the Institute's benevolent fund, iprovision hosted a free event on mental health and wellbeing in the work place.

  1. The evening began with with Annette Spencer introducing the CIPR's benevolent fund iprovision - a charity for members and their families who've fallen on hard times.
  2. Alison Kerry, Head of Media for mental health charity Mind reflected on the challenges and opportunities of communicating mental health issues. Alison spoke of the importance of promoting accurate representations of mental health in the media.
  3. Founding Partner of APeopleBusiness and Mental Health in Business, Colin Minto delivered an upbeat appraisal of mental health, illness and difference by reflecting on his personal battle with OCD, and the benefits of living with mental illness.
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