The 2014 International Whaling Commission (IWC) Meeting

The 65th meeting of the IWC is taking place in Sloveina, at the Grand Hotel Bernardin, Portoroz, Slovenia between 11th -18th September, 2014. The major decisions are being taken in the plenary session between the 15th and 18th September

  1. #IWC65 comes to an end and we review the good, the bad and the down right ugly of the #whaling commission...
  2. IWC 65 Final Concluding Comments Flag of the still-United Kingdom In my opening blog for IWC 65, I provided...
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  4. So IWC65 comes to a close, with some good, some bad and some downright ugly goings-on.· The Greenland issue willrumble on with a huge amount of work to be done to clean up the impact ofGreenland&#x 0 9;s inchoate commercial whaling on other ASW operations. · The ICJ resolution givesreal cohesive guidance to the IWC Scientific Committee for the first time withthe test of reasonableness and potentially puts any premature whaling by Japanin contempt of both the ICJ and IWC. Lets see if Japan is willing to risk it bypressing ahead with its threat to resume whaling in the Antarctic in 0 5. · Japan&#x 0 9;s head-on attack onthe moratorium and Schedule paragraph 0(e) was thankfully defeated, butreveals an emergent joint strategy between Greenland and Japan to argue for&#x 0 ;sustainable whaling&#x 0 9; as both seek to support each other. · Small cetaceans made theirmark and the IWC challenged countries to do all they could to stop any of thebig whales smaller cousins from going extinct. Even Japan mentioned Taiji andDenmark mentioned the Faroese pilot whale hunt. · Unfortunately, the South Atlantic WhaleSanctuary was defeated, even though 40 voted for it, Again, it was the usualsuspects who voted against the Sanctuary with Antigua and Barbuda nailing theirflag clearly to the Japanese flag pole, saying they would only 'vote for such asanctuary if the proponents voted for Japanese whaling&#x 0 9; So a long and complicated meeting, but WDC waspleased to play our role. We remain committed to fight for the whales anddolphins of the world and will fight all attempts to advance whaling. Thanks for your continued support, we will continueto campaign for a world which is safe and free for all whales and dolphins.Farewell from the team in Slovenia
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  10. Australia notes that Rules and Procedure on voting rights is confusing, and therefore the F&A committee need to review.Argentina: requests that, during the next plenary meeting, the report of the Scientific Committee should be presented in a more efficient and detailed way, not in the abbreviated way it is reported nowIceland: We came to this meeting 'hoping for normalisation and IWC has moved further away from its mission' Moratorium should have been lifted. Iceland is deeply disappointed, apart from the correction of Greenland whaling, this shows that IWC is dysfunctional.Australia: Disagree with Iceland, as believes progress has been made and compromise has prevailed, as commission is about healthy whale populations, even if some side issues not resolved. Disagree that its dysfunctional, and notes that Chair: Its about time that we see constructive functional dialogue.Chair: not concluding business as we need summary of main decisions?
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  13. Belgium have to withdraw as next Chair of IWC due to health concerns of Commisisoner. WDC sends its best wishes to Frederic for speedy recovery.Belgium nominates Bruno of Switzerland as ChairmanSeconded by Costa RicaNominations for vice chairNorway nominates Japan as vice chairGhana seconds Japan, and Japan accepts Japan wishes Frederic a quick recoveryF&A Chair, Ryan of USA steps up and is endorsed by the meetingInfractions Subcommittee. Lars (Norway) continues at suggestion of ChairConservation Committee Chair: Argentina nominates Mexico, meeting approvesASW Sub-Committee: USA nominates St Lucia (the current chair of commission) as chair of sub-committee, seconded by Russian Federation and accepted by the meeting.Bureau Membership (Regionally constituted): Switzerland, Japan, USA, Uruguay, Ghana, Australia, St Lucia.Chair now read Rules of Procedure ( e) to say that St Vincent was 'not on the blacklist'
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  15. Ah, infractions now being discussed Chair says its a procedural issue and just happened to be a ASW hunt. Chair suggests that this is handed over to Operational Effectiveness Working Group to deal withAdopts Conservation Committee and all its recommendations.Argentina asks for clarification on issue of Greenland infractionsAustralia asks that OEWG looks at all statements on this issue including infracations and not just ASWAdopts report of Infractions Sub Committee with all its recommendations.Finance and Admin Report adopted
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