Sony goes crazy town banana pants by announcing a remake of Final Fantasy VII, the Last Guardian is real, and hold on... where did you even find Yu Suzuki?

  1. First up, here's our scorecard for the night, and our promise. You can play along at home, or you can follow our bingo card below. Daniel Rosen will be guiding you through this night of wonder.
  2. A reminder to those just tuning into Built to Play, we did in fact make Vib Ribbon happen. We have awesome powers and we are to be feared.
  3. All right, Sony, let's make some magic happen. What do you have for us?
  4. The Last Guardian Gameplay Premiere - E3 2015 Sony Press Conference
  5. This game is real. Square. Fumito Ueda, rumoured to have stopped working on this game entirely, stood up and clapped in the audience. He may not have made it to the stage, but close enough. Square.
  6. That was fast. Next on the list is a new franchise from Guerilla that appears to be a post-post-apocalypse game in which you hunt technorganic beasts. They followed this up with a couple other titles we can some idea were coming out: a new Hitman, Street Fighter V, and No Man's Sky.
  7. Horizon Zero Dawn - E3 2015 Trailer | PS4
  8. HITMAN - E3 2015 Trailer | PS4
  9. Street Fighter V - E3 2015 Trailer | PS4
  10. No Man's Sky - Live-Gameplay (E3 2015)
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