A discussion on Events + Digital Marketing with GA and BostonTweetUp

Event hashtag #EventMkg101

  1. Host
  2. Venue
  3. Speakers
  4. Event Page
  5. Below are Event Marketing 101 Tips and suggestions.
  6. I ran a contest to help the event organizers get used to creating engaging content for events. The most create content shared using the event hashtag #EventMkg101 would win 15min (3rd Place), 30mins (2nd Place) or 1hr (1st Place) free event marketing consulting. See below for content and winners!
  7. Before - Event Promo

  8. When promoting an event on twitter make sure to include hashtag, event date/time, an twitter handles of everyone involved (host(s), venue, speaker(s), sponsor(s), partner(s), etc)
  9. To stand out on twitter make sure to include various media times images, animated Gifs, videos, etc.
  10. If the event draws an online audience make sure to ask for questions using the event hashtag
  11. Make sure to Answer every question asked as quickly as possible as this also help promote event!
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