Spring Readathon 2015

Tracking my reads for the Spring 2015 Dewey's Readathon

  1. The Final Update

  2. It's now 1:21 a.m. and I'm definitely done. I could keep reading but I'd be reading the same paragraph over and over again! I'm not much for early rising so it's not very likely that I'll sleep for a bit and wake up to continue reading, either. Here are my final stats:
  3. Total pages read: 219 pages. No books finished.
  4. Breakdown is as follows:
  5. Greenglass House: 102 pages
  6. The Wind-up Bird Chronicle: 23 pages
  7. When the Bough Breaks: 52 pages
  8. Dune: 30 pages
  9. The Outsiders: 12 pages
  10. Two hundred and nineteen pages is a lot less than I expected to read today. I can often read twice that when I have a good chunk of reading time on any given day. But I had a hard time maintaining focus; partly it was the distraction of cheering on Twitter, which is just SO MUCH FUN. Seriously. It is. And partly it's the book I stuck with for most of the day. I enjoyed Greenglass House but I have this funny feeling that the books that work best for me for a readathon are the page turner ones. Greenglass House is more for savouring. When I turned to Jonathan Kellerman's When the Bough Breaks (which wasn't on my original readathon list) I managed to read half as many pages of it as I had of Greenglass House, in just a fraction of the time.
  11. So note to self, for future readathons: Pick fast-paced thriller-ish types of books!
  12. Here's a rundown of my evening:
  13. The Late Afternoon Update

  14. I'm back home now, after spending the afternoon away. Here's what I accomplished this afternoon (hint: not much):
  15. Total pages read: 100 (77 of 255 pages, Greenglass House and 23 of 607 pages, The Wind-up Bird Chronicle.)
  16. Here's how the afternoon played out on Instagram and Twitter:
  17. Dylan and I visited with my mom, who's been moved to a rehab facility, getting lots of physio and doing well. Then it was off to dance classes. I'm there for over three hours, which is a nice chunk of time for reading!
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