1. Hello everyone! We are excited to report on Children in Scotland's Annual Conference. We are the BeXcellent team and we are your reporters for the event. Please check out our stand in the Exhibition Area.
  2. Day 1

  3. 10:10 - Introduced BeXcellent team to conference.
  4. We quickly introduced ourself to the delegates.
  5. 10:45 - Interview with Aileen Campbell MSP.
  6. Aileen Campbell is the MSP for Clydesdale, She's the minister for Children and Young People
  7. We're just editing the interview right now, Bear with us!
  8. 12:08 - Information from some other stalls and the 1st Workshop
  9. We sent some people to both the workshops - One was on Family Therapy and the other was on Physical Activity and learning.
  10. 13:15: 2nd lot of workshops
  11. We sent some people to the workshop on Mental Health and interviewed some others there.
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