5/16/14 @BRCAresponder WEEKLY

@BRCAresponder WEEKLY news FEATURE STORY: Kelly Rothe

  1. KELLY ROTHE undergoes prophylactic double mastectomy at age 20

    BRCA 1 positive , previvor
    "It's been exactly a week now since I went "under the knife".  Physically, I'm doing well. Emotionally, I'm still doing well but I could also be doing better. I don't regret my decision to have a prophylactic mastectomy, I'm just feeling a sense of guilt that I had that option and my mother didn't. When she died in 2002 no one had even heard of the BRCA gene. She died thinking that there was something she could have done. The point I want to stress to those that are willing to listen to my story is that it's always better to know your risk. Know what's going on with YOUR body so you have the chance to help save yourself. If my mom had known, she would still be here today."  
    Kelly Rothe, May 26, 2014 
  2. Lindsay Avner, Bright Pink 

  3. Caitlin Broderick  

    Comedian, writer, and BRCA1 positive. 


  5. RIP Stephen Sutton 

    Misdiagnosed for 6 months..."doctors sent him home with laxatives, despite a family history on his father Andrew’s side (with whom he remains close) of Lynch Syndrome, a genetic condition that increases the risk of bowel cancer and a range of other tumors. ‘I lost two stone in weight and was very, very ill,’ he says. ‘We gave the doctors all the information they needed, told them about the family history and even showed them a booklet about Lynch Syndrome."


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