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    BRCA1 positive ovarian cancer survivor Katya Lezin is passionate about getting the word out that obtaining a family history and pursuing genetic testing can save lives. Katya wrote the lyrics to this genetic testing song performed by her daughters Hannah 18, and Eliza, 14

  3. Nicki 
  4. Lorna
  5. Anne & Family
  6. Denise & Margarita
  7. Terry & Family
  8. Kim
  9. B.D. Colen  

    Nancy Cappello Ph.D. is Director and Founder of Are You Dense, Inc., and Are You Dense Advocacy Inc., patient advocacy nonprofit organizations with the mission of educating the public about the risks and screening challenges of dense breast tissue to prevent missed, delayed and advanced-stage cancer. 
  11. Wendy Damonte on dense breast tissue
  12. Dangerous boobs alert! Dense breast tissue hides tumors: Wendy Damonte at TEDxUniversityofNevada
  13. OPINION  

    There is much complexity and many strong emotions when it comes to CPM (contralateral prophylactic mastectomy) 
    CPM refers to a patients' interest in removing the breast unaffected by cancer.
    Three articles hit social media recently on this emotionally charged subject. 
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