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  2. Do you know what the BRCA gene mutation is? What factors can contribute to an individual becoming a potential BRCA mutation carrier, and why Angelina Jolie wasn’t looking for attention or simply having breast augmentation?
    The PINK AND BLUE documentary takes a look into male breast cancer and the BRCA realm. Renowned experts like Dr. Kristi Funk (Angelina Jolie’s surgeon) from the Pink Lotus Breast Center, Dr. Armando Giuliano from Cedars Sinai, and Jon and Mindy Gray - founders of the Basser Center in Philadelphia, examine the truth about this mutation, which puts both women and men at a higher risk for developing numerous types of cancers. No more misconceptions. Everyone knows the pink side of things, but the majority of people don’t realize men can have the BRCA mutation and get breast cancer too.
  3. For more information please visit: pinkandbluemovie.com
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