Our rogue's gallery of selfies

Here are the people who made Arts Hub 16 such a fun event ...

  1. You can watch our boxing match online. Students said it's a really helpful way to revise for the exam!
  2. OU librarians Wendy and Katherine introduced us to some wonderful resources for the Arts. Watch the video to find out about their tips and favourites.

  3. Jess and Henry hosted a 'classical' picnic lunch and taught us some things we might rather not think about! Watch the video of their session Why study classics? to see what they had to say about the classical world and food, and to find out more about classical studies at the OU.

  4. Alex Tickell about to talk about studying English at level 2 ... follow this link to see a recording of his session.
  5. Deborah Brunton and Gemma Allen preparing to talk about our new History module, Early Modern Europe. They talked about objects and attitudes and examined a fire bucket used in the Great Fire of London, a scold's bridle, and explained why a woman's letter about her step son used the space on the page in a particular way ...

  6. Jessica Hughes bravely volunteered to select random objects from our bag and say how they related to her discipline. Watch her talk brilliantly about the significance of ships in the classical world and myth and reputation in relation to Elvis. We're really, really sorry we put a potato in there! Not much use to a classical archaeologist. Sorry! Really sorry ....
  7. Robert Samuels getting ready for his lucky dip slot. Earlier in the day he explained how we teach music at the OU. And there's a bonus mini-recital on the clavichord as he talks us through how Bach's Prelude in C minor is put together.

  8. Nicola and Helen from the OU library explained how to evaluate the information you find online and how to think critically about whether or not you can trust it.

  9. The two Rachels - leaders of our quiz teams Rachel's Team and Team Rachel ...you can see how that couldn't possibly become confusing. You can watch the mayhem online - a bit chaotic but also quite informative!

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