1. World's 50 best restaurants of 2017

  2. For only the second time in its 15-year history, the World Best Restaurant Awards has named a fine dining venue outside of Europe as the planet's greatest. New York's Eleven Madison Park knocked Italy's Osteria Francescana into second place and pushed Spain's El Celler de Can Roca into third, after seven years climbing the leader board.
  3. The man saved by a tin of fish

  4. From our perch we could see a dark green scar of vegetation cutting down the eastern side of the mountain. Baebot pointed to a spot not too far from the volcano’s summit: There, he said, is where Sardine Boy’s village once stood. “Do you know what happened to the boy?” I asked, unsure if the story was fact or folklore. “Yes,” he replied matter-of-factly, through a mouthful of bread. “He lives at the bottom of the mountain now. We can visit him if you like.”
  5. Coming in 2018: the largest plane window of all time

  6. The largest window on any passenger aircraft, measuring a whopping 4.5 feet x 1.5 feet, will be unveiled next year. The Skyview Panoramic, developed for Boeing by aerospace firm Fokker Technologies, will offer unrivalled views from 35,000 feet. But not everyone will get the chance to enjoy the vistas – plans are only in place to install them on corporate planes.
  7. Life after wartime: Nicaragua transitions to adventure tourism

  8. Sledding at top speed down a live volcano is not something I would ever choose to do on vacation. But we were travelling in Nicaragua with our teenage kids, and volcano sledding was their No. 1 choice of excursions.

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