1. Google Maps Is Coming to the Faroe Islands — Thanks to Sheep

  2. After the Faroe Islands' citizens launched a grassroots campaign that involved mounting cameras on sheep, Google Maps will finally be adding the North Atlantic archipelago to Street View.
  3. This Company Is Giving Non-smoking Employees Six Extra Vacation Days a Year

  4. A Japanese company has come up with perhaps the greatest incentive ever to quit smoking: Six extra vacation days a year. According to the Telegraph, Tokyo-based marketing firm Piala Inc. will give all non-smoking employees an extra six days of paid leave each year because of the fact that they end up working more hours per day than their smoking peers. How? It all comes down to those lengthy smoking breaks people tend to take several times a day.
  5. 8 Reasons You Need to See Ukraine

  6. Eastern Europe enthralls with its treasure trove of medieval towns, rich cultures and dramatic landscapes. Perhaps best of all for travelers is the fact that, since the region resided on the other side of the Iron Curtain for so long, visiting can still feel like being let in on a secret (even in 2017).
  7. Where to Find the Best Fika in Stockholm

  8. Fika, or the act of taking a break over coffee and a snack, is a Swedish tradition that, at its roots, encourages people to pause and reset. Contrary to grabbing a cup of joe to go, in Sweden, fika is a time where you're obliged to forget everything, at least for a little while, and savor the present—preferably over a piping-hot cup of coffee.

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