Social science research this week

Every week LSE Librarian Heather Dawson curates web content. Stay up to date with this easy digest intended to support you and ensure you don't miss anything important. There is often things to play with too. This week- make your own US election advert.

  1. The Paralympics opened

  2. See the latest MORI poll for public opinion research on whether people thought the Olympics brought us closer together and what they think the lasting impact will be.
  3. Also focusing on the possible social impact of the Olympics:
  4. British Future

  5. British Future is a new independent, non-partisan think tank which is seeking to involve people in an open conversation, which addresses people’s hopes and fears about identity and integration, migration and opportunity

    Its website lists events, and news aimed at encouraging cohesiveness. They have some case story videos of individuals talking about what it means to be British. You can also submit your own videos here too. 

  6. There are also some useful publications and polls such as this one about the state of the nation.  
  7. Barack Obama question and answer session on Reddit

  8. This week American president Barack Obama took part on social news site reddit in a public session. See what American voters asked him.
  9. The Culture Of Reddit | Off Book | PBS
  10. Hurricane Isaac

  11. See weather forecasts and tracking from the US National Hurricane Center 
  12. Radio Reference has links to online emergency service social media and channels. 
  13. Corelogic report on insurance coverage of Americans in relation to current hurricane damage. 
  14. The US Census Bureau  has also launched an app called. OnTheMap for Emergency Management.  which offers access to Access detailed U.S. Census Bureau reports on the workforce and population for current natural hazard and emergency related events. Search for Isaac to get mapping and statistics of potential population effected.
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