Reluctant Learners #EdChatSD

#EdChatSD is every first Wednesday of each month at 8pm PST. This week's chat was on October 1, 2014 and focusing of the EdChat was on reluctant learners. Joseph Kemery from Santee, CA was the moderator for the EdChat.

  1. To succeed, the teacher must adopt attitudes and practices that reach every learner, particularly those who seem turned off to school.
  2. The reluctant learner may feel isolated and turned off from school, be it because of family problems, cultural differences, language, dialect, or economic difficulties.
  3. Classroom are more accessible to students if teachers try to recognize the students' world outside the classroom by making meaningful connections to child's background by adding awereness and respect.
  4. Positive, caring relationships are vital for all students, especially those who seem hesitant.
  5. Teachers can maintain these positive relationships throughout the year by greeting students at the door and asking them how they are doing.
  6. Genius Hour has allowed my students to become more intrinsically motivated in class.
  7. Service learning projects give students an opportunity to connect what they learn in school with the communities in which they live.
  8. Model your passion for learning!
  9. Reflective teachers admit mistakes and create open conversations with students and colleagues in order to improve.
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