1. City Prepares for El Niño, Advises Residents to do Same
    City Prepares for El Niño, Advises Residents to do Same
  2. Both 1977 and 2015 October, El Niño reaches a high record point. The sea level height is 180 mm higher than average.
  3. Also, the sea surface temperature in 2015 is up to 3 Celsius higher than usual in east equatorial area.
  4. Compare to 1977, the weekly average sea surface temperature has already beats the record before. So, what is El Niño exactly?
  5. When El Niño happens, the east trade wind will be weaken or even reversed, which cause the hot water move east, and bring precipitation in South America
  6. Usually we can find the pattern that in El Niño years, west coast country Peru will become wet and high rainfall. Which cause the unusual flood.
  7. On the other side, country in east South America also suffer in giant precipitation, such as Argentina Uruguay and South Brazil.
  8. El Niño weaken the ocean upwelling and decrease the nutrients concentration, which impact the local fisheries.
  9. The changing pattern of climate has, and will keep changing the life style and agriculture in South America.
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