How Jaime Andrade won the 40th District Primary

TL/DR: 1) Andrade is the closest candidate to a incumbent the district has, 2) too many Democratic candidates, 3) successful use of attack mailers. Same ol' Chicago-style politics? Uh, yeah.

  1. Last week's primary for the 40th District state representative seat in Illinois yielded some interesting discussion among the community on Twitter.  
  2. It turns out, there were five candidates. 
    - Jaime Andrade, who used to work for Alderman Mell Sr and was active in the community before being appointed the 40th District seat position once occupied by Deb Mell, who took over her father's alderman seat following his retirement.  

    - Nancy Schiavone, an attorney and 35th Ward Democratic committeeman

    - Aaron Goldstein

    - Wendy Jo Harmston

    - Mark Pasieka

     I had only seen posters for Schiavone and Andrade around the neighborhood, and an attack ad on YouTube against Andrade weeks prior.
  3. Schiavone seemed to be the only candidate besides Andrade the community was familiar with, in part because of all the attack mailers Andrade sent out about Schiavone.
  4. I actually didn't get any mailers, so asked the community if someone would share a photo of one. The photoshopped mailer neighbor Wanat shared shows Schiavone as some sort of magic woman or witch. Are we all superstitious sailors from the 1600's now? The message of the mailer is clear: Schiavone as a women is bad luck. 
  5. As offensive and backward as the mailers were, they worked.  
  6. I actually did not vote in this election, one of the few times I haven't since I turned 18, so there is some truth to Brown and Wanat's tweets. I didn't know who to vote for, and didn't think my one vote would make a difference among a race with 5 candidates.  

    DNAchicago neighborhood reporter Patty Wetli reports briefly on the win:  
  7. Carl Nyberg, of the @Northside_DFA, had some interesting points on Andrade's win, namely, how effective his attack mailers were. I am going to let his tweets speak for themselves. 
  8. Who is Goldstein anyway? Both Schiavone and Andrade couldn't get enough of attacking him in mailers, apparently. The attack ad on YouTube I saw was purely about Andrade, so maybe if Schiavone's focus in her YouTube ads translated to her mailers, she could have won. 
  9. But she didn't. She attacked both this unknown Goldstein and Andrade in mailers.  Or, she could have not used attack ads period, and let Andrade come off as part of the old vicious Chicago political machine.  

    And poor Goldstein! He only received 601 votes... which could either be a large number considering I didn't even know about him until I heard he was being attacked by mailers. Or, it could be seen as low number. Either way, it's all about the mailers.  

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