Internet reaction to surprising Defensive Player of the Year vote

The Golden State Warriors can't seem to get any respect when it comes to major NBA postseason awards. First, head coach Steve Kerr came in second place for Coach of the Year, despite a record-setting campaign. Then, forward Draymond Green came in second for Defensive Player of the Year. What gives?

  1. Here's the San Francisco Chronicle story on Green's second place finish.
  2. And here's the Chronicle story on Kerr coming in second.
  3. Warriors fans were upset their young star, Draymond Green, didn't win the DPOY.
  4. Others showed visual support.
  5. But there was still some folks who feel Golden State is getting robbed. Don't forget about Andre Iguodala losingi out on the 6th Man Award.
  6. But Draymond took it well. And stuck up for his teammate, Andrew Bogut.
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