Leaving The Nest

Children who have overbearing parents

  1. Here at The College at Brockport, you see many faces. Some may be friends, others just passers by. At a glance, Ashley Coughlin is just another one of those people. Following her day to day would be a normal experience as she went from class to class, but every last Friday of the month something happens. A person follows her here and there, mostly after each class, until the day is over. This is Ashley's mother and she is a Helicopter Parent.
  2. "It get's pretty annoying" Coughlin said. "I have to constantly keep my grades way up, and I'm limited to the things I can do out of class. I know she means well, but I would like some time to myself sometimes."
  3. For many of us our parents care about our grades and what we are doing, but for a handful of students across the Brockport campus, their parents do much more than this.
  4. Thousands of parents send their children to college for the first time each year, but others have a hard time letting go. Some parents want to make sure their little angel succeeds to their expectations, and others just don't want them getting into trouble, but these parents are squishing their children.
  5. "I know a few other people who's parents call in every week to check on their kids grades and stuff. There is a Facebook page for Brockport parents too. It's kind of crazy when you think about." Coughlin said.
  6. It brings up a question to many parents sending their children to college for the first time. How much attention is too much? How can you or should you be checking up on your child constantly throughout the semester? Most students would say no they should not.
  7. Brockport Freshman Brian Smithly said that "Kids should be allowed to make their own mistakes and learn from them in college without their parents constantly hovering over them. College is a time to grow and make new friends and its hard enough without a parent on your back all the time. "
  8. Whether your child is going to college for the first time or has been enrolled for a while, there are a few things parents can do to lessen the grip they have on their children without sacrificing everything. There are a list of a few things to do here.
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