State CIOs Talk Cyber Security in Baltimore

With so much pressure on State CIOs to embrace IT innovation and become more agile in the delivery of services to citizens, they will undoubtedly face more cyber security challenges.

  1. From moving data and systems to the cloud to information sharing in support of data driven government initiatives and collaborating with partners there are myriad opportunities for risks to data integrity and overall network security.
  2. And as more data and systems move off premise into the cloud, the need for stronger information security and governance standards. Authentic security starts with next generation authentication and impeccable password hygiene, not just password management and two factor authentication.
  3. Several key cybersecurity risks were identified. Chief among them new threats, funding that is not commensurate with risk, and the talent crisis.
  4. One of the greatest risks to data integrity and network security is the Internet of Things (IoT). Utah's CTO, Dave Fletcher, outlined why states need a road map for IoT and cyber security needs to be part of that road map and baked in to all products, services, and systems.
  5. No truer words!
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