Our Wedding Story

Through the eyes of our guests

  1. And so it begins...
  2. The decorating elf (Jules) was up early, setting up the cake toppers for the non-existent wedding cake and setting out the party favors.
  3. The archway has been made ready.
  4. Spock (Jules) is doing some last minute meditations aka going through the mental checklist. 

    Also, my first of three outfits for the day.
  5. We had many different cultures join us during our wedding. Some of them are included below.

    We had hobbits!
  6. The fact that we had Jedi at our United Federation of Planets wedding says everything there is to say about the theme of our wedding and our circle of friends.
  7. Not everyone decided to dress as a fictional character. We had authentic Vikings at the wedding.
  8. Every wedding needs at least one Song Fairy.
  9. Tintin also made a special appearance, along with the best and brightest from Starfleet.
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