APWLD And Our Indian Members At RCEP Negotiations in Hyderabad, India

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  1. A People's Convention Against Free Trade Agreements was held on 23rd July in Hyderabad, India. APWLD members and partners joined the convention along with other groups from India and across the region.
  2. Our member Burnad Fatima expressed concern that women farmers will be the worst affected by RCEP and land grabbing for corporate agriculture will impact food sovereignty, rights over land and seed preservation.
  3. On 24th July, a rally against #RCEP was held in Hyderabad city. Our members and partners represented women’s farmers groups, Dalits, land rights, national resource rights, indigenous women, minorities, fisher women, labour rights and other women's human rights concerns. At the protest march, they reiterated their call for #NoRCEP.
  4. We issued a press release saying that RCEP reinforces the destructive development model. The release also said that that the existing free trade agreements and the policies of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation have negatively impacted the world’s poor and particularly poor women.
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