Mayor Suthers’ Makes Affordable Housing a Priority for Colorado Springs

Mayor Suthers and Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity make affordable housing a priority in Colorado Springs.

  1. Mayor John Suthers of Colorado Springs, Colorado announced affordable housing as a priority for the city during his 2016 State of the City address on September 8, 2016. Several organizations in the Pikes Peak region such as for profit, non-profit, and government agencies focus resources towards various aspects of affordable housing. Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that specifically focuses its efforts on permanent affordable housing for low-income families.
  2. Mayor Suthers' 2016 State of the City Address
  3. Affordable housing is one of Mayor Suthers’ priorities due to increasing home prices and increasing rents in the region. Currently there are 9,800 housing units dedicated to low-income individuals. These housing units include transitional housing, affordable rentals, and affordable homeownership.
  4. Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity aids the Mayor’s priorities by building permanent affordable housing for low-income families in the region. The program offers a hand up through strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter. The Habitat homeowner process begins with an orientation and application packet. Families’ applications are reviewed by the Family Selection Committee and selected based on their need, willingness to partner with Pikes Peak Habitat, and ability to pay back a zero interest 30-year mortgage.
  5. Pike Peak Habitat for Humanity Promotional Video
  6. The success stories of habitat homeowners and their children in the Pikes Peak region truly is a testament to what Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity has done for the community in the last 30 years. Statistics show that the children of Habitat homeowners are 116 percent more likely to go to college and graduate than children in other affordable housing situations. For the state, about $34,000 a year is saved on both state and local aid per child of Habitat homeowners. Also, within ten years children of Habitat homeowners are likely to purchase a home, virtually breaking the cycle of insufficiency that the family was on before becoming Habitat homeowners.
  7. Volunteers, donors, and sponsors are essential to the mission of Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity. It takes 3,000 volunteer hours to build a Habitat home. Donors and sponsors contributions further aid the mission by helping low-income families achieve homeownership.
  8. PPHFH Home Builders Blitz and Home Dedication
  9. To get involved with the affordable housing cause in Colorado Springs please visit Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity’s official website to learn more, sign up, or donate to help low-income families in the region and help end poverty housing in the community.
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